I’ve been publishing video training courses for about four years, beginning with Pluralsight.com and also with Lynda.com and LinkedInLearning. My Pluralsight.com courses focus mostly on professional writing and communication, while my Lynda.com and LinkedInLearning courses deal with teaching and technology.

Apart from video training, I’ve also been teaching college for about fifteen years, starting with four years at the University of Arkansas, where I earned an MFA in fiction and a special concentration in Rhetoric and Composition.

Since my time at Arkansas, I’ve been teaching at DePaul University in Chicago with the Writing, Rhetoric and Discourse Department. In addition to teaching a variety of classes–mostly centered around writing in professional contexts–I also have an administrative role, helping coordinate sections of an undergraduate course in professional writing taught through the Driehaus College of Business.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing video games with my kids, jogging, reading, and climbing stairs competitively (I’ve climbed the John Hancock building for several years in a row now). So that’s a bit about me! You can find other information scattered throughout the site.