Pluralsight Courses

Below is a list of all of the courses I have available through

Fundamentals of Written Proposals

Fundamentals of Written Proposals was my first published course with Pluralsight, and my first course with video training overall. It takes a genre focused approach to proposals, going through the main sections and persuasive moves that internal proposals often undertake.

Writing Process Instructions and Directions

Similar to Fundamentals of Written Proposals, Writing Process Instructions and Directions is a guided tour through the conventions of process instructions, focusing on the the skills, phrasing, and features of one of the most common forms of technical writing.

Resumes, Research, and Writing on the Job Hunt

My resume course, which was my last of the single-genre course concepts at Pluralsight, explores the most common types of writing a technical professional would encounter during a job search. In addition to the main features of resumes and cover letters, the course also focuses on critically reading a job add and fully addressing a target job, emphasizing how to to

Writing in the Workplace: Emails, Memos, Reports, and Social Messaging
Being a Better Communicator: Grammar, Dejargoning, and Articulation
Crisis Communication and Technology: Communicating with Colleagues
Storytelling to Engage and Motivate